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Welcome to the Mobile App Revolution! Also in Spanish!

Over 20 Billion Apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices.
  • The web as you know it is dying...
  • Mobile devices and tablets are taking over
  • Apps are replacing websites
  • We now live in a Mobile World
  • It’s time for you to go Mobile
Mobile Apps provides:
  • GPS directions and one tap calling
  • "Push" Discounts offers and coupons
  • Menus, Reservations and Tip Calculator
  • Viral Marketing – Built in App

In the next 5 – 10 years from now every business will have their own apps.

Your customers prefer apps over mobile websites. (source: comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics, 2012)

  • Very similar to rewards program for customers who download. Think how many customers have smart phones, so they will use your apps.
  • Post QR Codes around your business locations for scanning and leading to discounts. Link this to food/beverage, Promotional codes for events, ect. Or any other preferred customer offer you decide. People love coupons and savings. Your app can offer this on many levels.
  • Allows your customer to share their experience at your course you will be so far ahead of your competition that your app will be unique and there will be desire to promote virally (FB/Email/Twitter).
Mobile Apps advantages:
  • Readily available on your customers phone for easy access w/o browsing
  • Easily stay in touch with customers and clients. Build instant list of customers that you can market to over and over again through Push Notifications and email lists.
  • Provide instant updates and immediate messaging. No need to pay for monthly text marketing fees.
  • Viral interaction with customer and client contracts for free customer growth.
  • Highly targeted and easy to measure effect with precise analytics
Mobile Apps Key Features:
  • Simple to use, easy download, integrates with your business display key information: Maps, Menus, Location, 1 Touch Call
  • Push Notifications: Instant contact/ Updates with customers
  • Links to your social Networks enables sharing with friends like FB, Twitter, ect.
  • Easy coupons: use of QR Codes/GPS Coupons great interaction
  • Live updates: Special events, calendars, image galleries
  • Other Great Features: Open tablet reservations, Live Bookings, Customer reviews, Purchase gift cards ect.